The holiday season is here, and for parents, that means greeting cards, the deluge of gift organization, and not forgetting to bring your child’s snack to their class holiday party. And this year, you’ve got Stonyfield organic on your side!

Now we Stonyfielders know it can be very tempting to be the parent who brings in the awesome store-bought cupcakes with the extra layers of puffy icing and the snowflake shaped sprinkles. But we also know that your concern for kids having too much sugar is going to win out. Still, for those of you who might be waffling a bit, let us share this adorable treat that is, gluten free, has less sugar*, and awesome fun for a classroom of excited kids. Plus, it doesn’t contain peanuts or tree nuts so it’s safe for nut-free classrooms!

Making Holiday Yogurt Tubes

Yogurt is gluten free and classroom-friendly!Now, the first step is completely optional, but definitely adds to the overall experience for the children because, well, who doesn’t love unwrapping things? Still, we know that for especially large classes, this could be rather time-consuming. So, just use your best holiday judgment or plan ahead!

Step 1: Purchase Stonyfield YoKids organic yogurt tubes for each child in the class – and maybe the teachers, too!

Step 2: Wrap each tube in decorative wrapping paper. You’ll need tape and a piece of wrapping paper about 8’ x 3’ (Pro tip: the thinner wrapping paper is actually easier to use)

Step 3: Add a child’s name and a fun holiday message to gift tags.

Step 4: Using fun ribbon, tie each gift tag to a yogurt tube.

Step 5: Add holiday stickers around the edges for some extra pizzazz!

Step 6: Pop them back in the fridge till they’re ready to be consumed!

Yes, it’s a bit of work, but for those of you who want to give your child’s class a few moments of a fun snack without baking for hours or giving in to that sweet tooth, this is the perfect project for you! Plus, your own little one will love helping to decorate and hand out their snack gifts to each of their friends.

From all of our families to yours, happy holidays!

*25-40% less sugar than the leading kids yogurts.

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