An Ode to the Blueberry Farmer

I once wrote a poem in honor of the blueberry. It was late spring of seventh grade and the assignment was to capture the essence of someone or something we admired. While most classmates looked to historical figures or family members, I celebrated the blueberry. My creation was an unoriginal riff on Elizabeth Barrett Browning, beginning, ‘Blueberry, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

And yes, the entire poem was me enumerating the ways in which I loved the blueberry. (Remember, I was only 12!)

Suffice it to say, blueberries were big for me.

Growing up in the sandy soils of southern New Jersey, we were surrounded by commercial blueberry farms. It was a rite of passage to work at least one summer during high school, picking and packing until we’d return home with indelible purple stains on nearly everywhere. They were – and still are – an inextricable part of the summer coastal landscape.

But if I had to write a poem about blueberries today, I’d actually write it about the farmer. At Stonyfield, we understand that good blueberries start with good farmers. Take the Senneville’s: this father/son team has been part of the Stonyfield family since the mid-‘90’s. Today, they supply more than 300,000 pounds of organic blueberries and another 60,000 pounds of organic blueberry juice concentrate – that’s a lot of blueberries to love!

And more importantly, in that time, the Senneville’s have managed to keep 65,000 acres of land under organic cultivation, meaning thousands of pounds of toxic persistent pesticides avoided each year.


With a sweet scent that carries wide and far, and the fact that that they are perfectly suited for a variety of light, easy-to-make dishes, nothing says ‘summer’ quite like a blueberry. See below for some great ways to incorporate blueberries beyond your smoothie and granola bowl.