See this Stonyfield team member's training for her first Boston Marathon

We’ve invited members of Team Stonyfield to share moments of their personal journeys to the 2014 Boston Marathon. Team member Kally isn’t just a runner, she’s also a fellow Stonyfielder. And we can’t wait to cheer her on.

I’ve embarked on a journey that I would never have imagined possible without the support of my fellow co-workers at Stonyfield.

Just over 15 months ago I started running. Yes, you read that correctly. Before that I only “ran” when I was late or forgot something. When I joined Stonyfield’s Athletic Team I committed to a few 5K’s and sprint-triathlons. I always considered myself athletic but as the miles passed under me I found a rhythm I enjoyed in a sport I was never a fan of before. Halfway through my second half marathon I started to think “gee, someday I’d like to run in a full marathon”.

I was planning on a full this year and when Stonyfield announced the opportunity for one of us to run as a member of Team Stonyfield in the 118th Boston Marathon I was stoked, put my name in, shared my story and found that they believe in me.

Count down

I’ve remained vigilant with my full spectrum of cross-training paying close attention to nutrition, hydration, recovery, sleep, stretching, reading about training; adapting & adjusting; and above all keeping a positive attitude. Yup, it’s a pretty strict regime!

In preparing for stepping across the starting line I’ve turned my back on what’s comfortable, digging deep because I’ve still got work to do. It doesn’t matter how far I’ve come, there’s further I must go; each week adding more & more miles.

One more long run then tapering begins! These legs won’t get a vacation until I cross that finish line! Rest assured they’ll get a chance to feel refreshed while I hone my pace two weeks prior with some fartlek training. This training method blends continuous training with interval training – workouts to train the body to switch gears and recruit different muscle fibers. I’ll drown away any last doubts that I haven’t prepared.

“Train hard, run easy” is the motto I’ve adopted; ever searching, sweating away any self-doubt, working to ensure I’ve done everything to guarantee I am physically and emotionally ready for this epic 26.2 mile adventure.

Enter “The Janes”

Fate or destiny, I’m not sure which one I can thank, but just when I started to ramp up my runs an absolutely wonderful group of female runners that call themselves “The Janes” reached out to me. Through a common friend they heard of my spot on the Team Stonyfield. The Janes run for fun and for the comradery. We’re always there to push each other as one of us is training for that next big event, enduring frigid temperatures in our seemingly everlasting New Hampshire winter as we run 7, 10, 12, 18, 20 miles together.

My team of supporters

I’m truly blessed to be surrounded by friends & family who are right by my side with words of encouragement, inquiring about my training, sharing their well wishes along with their running & nutrition tips. This journey has been an unexpected treat for me. All of you have helped make the training grind necessary a total hoot.

Running in the 118th Boston Marathon is something I’m certain I won’t ever forget. I’ll make you proud!