This mom is on a health food mission!

I’m going to be perfectly honest with you here: Despite my Stonyfield bona fides, I am not a Perfectly Green Mom. Although I’ve done my part – we cloth diapered our first son (not the second), and I’m down with recycling and reusable lunch containers, that kind of thing. A little more honesty: I’m okay with this.

I’m not aiming for perfection any time soon, but I’m always up for being inspired. And that’s where Stonyfield’s new Mission Action Promise program is really hitting the mark. So, I’ve made a bit of a guess that maybe you, my fellow moms and dads, fellow Stonyfield fans, and fellow less-than-perfect people, might like to follow along as Stonyfield employees set out to walk our talk when it comes to Stonyfield’s mission of Healthy Food, Healthy People and Healthy Planet.

Every month, we’ll meet a new Stonyfielder and learn more about what each one is doing to help us all become a little bit better at caring for ourselves and our planet. Not huge giant company-sized actions, but individual steps that – from what I’ve seen so far – are going to be really fun.

My own official Mission Action Promise is to share everyone else’s promises with the world. But personally, each month I hope to take one small step inspired by each of my coworkers. This month, one of my team members is working on starting an organic garden here at Stonyfield (more on that in the future), and so, I’ve promised to begin growing my own organic windowsill herbs. So far so good on the Thai basil, by the way.

If you could make one small change in areas of healthy food, people or planet, what would it be? Respond below by July 1, 2014 and we’ll randomly select one of you to win a set of organic herb seeds.