Say hello to Mayday Farm, the newest farm in Stonyfield Organic’s Direct Supply Program! Haden Gooch and Katie Gualtieri are in the process of converting Sander Lou Farm in Leeds, Maine, to a certified organic dairy farm supporting 35-40 milk cows. As a beneficiary of Stonyfield’s Direct Supply Program, the new farm has access to $4,000 annually in grants to support them in accessing support or equipment that will help them improve the environmental, economic, or social sustainability of their farm.

Mayday Farm

Haden recently completed a three year apprenticeship and journeyman program at Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture & the Environment, a Stonyfield Organic-supported, sixty-year-old nonprofit implementing innovative practices in regenerative agriculture. He expects to begin delivering milk for Stonyfield Organic in fall of 2021. Haden and Katie have also launched a pasture-raised poultry farm to run alongside their dairy operation, both to diversify their business and to align with environmental stewardship best practices.

“I wanted to start a company that could address the issues on a broader scale, but I’ve backed away from trying to change the world,” Haden told Walden Local. “I would rather help the community. That is changing the world, right?”

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Haden Gooch and Katie Gualtieri

Haden & Katie with their new tractor

There are few images of America more iconic than a New England dairy farm. Yet New England has lost over 10,000 dairy farms in the past fifty years, and fewer than 2,000 farms remain. Fortunately, the organic farming model provides a path to profitability for these small, usually family-owned farms. Learn more about Stonyfield’s Direct Supply Program, support for young farmers, and consumer education initiatives like Have a Cow. And on behalf of Haden and Katie, thank you for supporting organic!