Stonyfield Boston Marathon Team

It’s official – Stonyfield is the Official Yogurt of the Boston Marathon. And we couldn’t be more excited. To celebrate, we rounded up 9 runners looking to be part of this year’s Boston Marathon to represent Stonyfield as our official team, and added a runner from our Stonyfield employees.

We asked potential team members: Why do you think YOU should be on Team Stonyfield? And the stories we got back were amazing. It was tough choosing only 9 of the entries we received, but we did it! And here they are.

Elizabeth Lynch1 Elizabeth!

Elizabeth Lynch, West Hartford, CT
Elizabeth’s story starts when she was 8 years old watching her mom finish the Boston Marathon. When she walked to the starting line with her mom and her brother last year, she said, “It was better than any dream.” But the events of last year prevented her from meeting her mom at the finish. As a member of Team Stonyfield, she’ll get a second chance to make that dream come true.

kirsten_erica2 Kirsten and Erica

Kirsten Nagel, Rochester, NY
Kirsten and fellow Team Stonyfield member Erica qualified for, ran and finished the 2013 Boston Marathon together. When asked if she’d ever run Boston again, Kirsten said, “There was no doubt in my mind that I had the desire to return to my home city to run the Boston Marathon for a second time.”

Erica Goodman, Brooklyn, NY
Erica finished the Boston Marathon last year before the bombs went off. But we here at Stonyfield first met her at a race she took part in later in the year, when she came across two Stonyfield employees who helped her to the finish line after an unexpected health issue on the course. Even better, Erica will be running on the team with her good friend Kirsten.

jeff 2 Jeff and his daughters.

Jeff Riggin, Santa Clarita, CA
Jeff ended up as the sole male Team Stonyfield member, but as the father of two daughters, he’s likely used to being outnumbered. This year, he’ll be joining not just his team, but one of those daughters, who ran Boston last year and is back for a second time. When he applied to be on Team Stonyfield, he spent more time talking about his daughter than himself, and said he’d “be honored to be a part of the Stonyfield team and be given the opportunity to run my first Boston Marathon with her.”

lauren newcomb 5 Lauren on the run.

Lauren Newcomb, Houston, TX
Like Team member Jeff and his daughter, Lauren also races with her dad. This year will be their first chance to run Boston together. And that chance was made even more meaningful after her father ran last year’s marathon without her. “Running creates a special bond between people,” Lauren shared with us when she applied to be on the team. “I can’t imagine a race or even a day without my dad.”

LK and pace brother Laurie and her brother.

Laurie Kamerer, Columbus, OH
When Laurie’s children ask her if she’s won a race, she replies, “I didn’t win, but I got better.” Running the Boston Marathon is one of the goals she’s gotten better in order to achieve. And her family has supported her along the way. Laurie hopes that her running in this year’s marathon will show her kids an example of two important life lessons: work hard for your goals, and live life in love, not in fear.

Meredith and Dave running Meredith and Dave.

Meredith Hein, San Antonio, TX
Meredith and her husband, Dave, have been running together since they started dating at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Throughout their courtship at separate bases and even after they married and were occasionally separated, they continued to stay connected through running. When Meredith applied to be on the team, her husband was already set to run in Boston. Who were we to keep them apart?

samantha 3 A little mud won’t stop Samantha.

Samantha Viola, Clinton Township, MI
Sometimes, when life turns against you, you turn toward something greater. That’s why Samantha focused on her health and running after losing several people she loved in a short period of time. In particular, Samantha runs for a friend whose name she wore on her bib when she got her Boston Qualifying Time. Samantha told us, “The Boston Marathon is not just another race to run, or accomplish to achieve; it is another step in the healing process for me.”

Sally Duval Sally, focused.

Sally Duval, Greenwich, CT
Sally’s husband ran in the 2013 marathon, and this year, running the Boston Marathon isn’t about her, it’s about her daughters. “I want them to know that we will be strong in the face of violence and not shy away from the values and traditions that are important to us.” Setting a good example for her girls is important for Sally, who is now also training for a 100 mile endurance trail run this summer.

Kally Kally smiling as usual.

Kally Abrams, Bow, NH
In addition to the amazing entries we received from people across the country, Team Stonyfield wouldn’t be complete without an actual Stonyfielder. Kally is a member of Stonyfield’s running team that represents us at races across the region. And when she told us that, “This will be my year, my race, my time to run with all my heart & soul,” we knew it had to be her representing all of us on our first ever Boston Marathon team.

Congratulations to everyone on Team Stonyfield. We’re so proud to have you on our team!