Like yours, the Stonyfield families are finding ways to keep our hands busy at home. Earth Month has provided some recent inspiration! Check out this video that one of the Stonyfield HQ team, Aaron, made with his family while upcycling yogurt containers as seedling starters:



Want to do this one with your own family or class? Follow these simple instructions!

      1. Have a grown up help you puncture some holes in the bottom of the cup. Be sure to make the puncture holes from the inside of the container so the plastic points out and it’s easier for excess water to drain.


      1. Add some potting soil to your cup. You want to add enough so that you have about a half inch left at the top.


      1. Add some seeds! Add a few seeds to your cup because some may not germinate. Most seeds just barely need to be under dirt. If you put them too far down they won’t sprout.


      1. Label your plant with a popsicle stick so you know what you’ve planted.


      1. Water your seedlings gently with a few sprays of water and take them home and set them in a sunny window sill. When your dirt looks dry, add a little more water.


    Download These Instructions

Want to try a different spring/Earth Day activity? Here are some ideas. (If you make a video, post and tag us!)