Try these healthy, easy breakfast recipes

School day mornings with kids look like this: The children quietly filter into the kitchen, washed and clothed, and, without being asked, begin to set the table. As you place your home-baked, multi-step breakfast (including at least 5 fruits and vegetables, all organic, of course) on the table, the children and your partner exclaim how blessed they are to have this time and this food together. Wait, no? That’s not what happens in your house? Mine either. Generally, it’s a mad scramble to throw (hopefully) clean clothes on their moving bodies as I grab a quick piece of fruit or Stonyfield YoKids yogurt squeezer and toss it at them on their way out the door. Listen, mornings are always going to be chaotic, but breakfast doesn’t have to be.

Here is a week’s worth of healthy make-ahead breakfasts that can be made ahead. In fact, you could make them all on a Sunday night and have a grab and go (but still nutritious!) meal every morning of the week.

Fruit and yogurt parfait 1.Overnight French Toast – This makes enough breakfast for a few days, depending on the size of your family. You can also use whatever fruit is fresh and readily available in your area.

2. Fruit and Yogurt Parfait– This really feels like a treat. With fresh fruit, Stonyfield yogurt, and any granola you have on hand, it’s easy to throw together the night before.


Healthy Breakfast Smoothie 3. Freezer Smoothies are a no-brainer. The simplest one to make uses Stonyfield yogurt cubes frozen in ice cube trays.

4. Muffin Tin Eggs – these are my favorites! Using a muffin tin, I put a circle of bread in the bottom of the cups, add a beaten raw egg to each, and top it with chopped up bacon. Bake in a 350° oven for 25 minutes, then throw in the freezer when cooled. You could even add veggies like diced onions or green peppers for an extra nutrition boost.

5. Another twist on the Healthy Breakfast Smoothie – this one is SUPER filling thanks to oatmeal AND peanut butter.

6. Muffins are perfect because they can stay in the freezer for several weeks. You can pull it from the freezer in the morning and throw it in the microwave for 20 seconds to defrost it quickly. This Healthy Breakfast MuffinRecipe even has 3 servings of fruits and vegetables in it!

Harvest spice muffins

7. Oatmeal is a traditional breakfast food for a reason. Make it in the slow cooker the night before using this Slow Cooker Oatmeal recipe, and you’ll be good to go.