Stonyfield pouches are a great snack for your kids

My toddler was a little behind when he was first learning to talk. After seeking professional advice on the matter, his speech therapist advised me to get him to talk as much as possible. Giving him options in every opportunity possible was the way to begin to get him to speak, even if it was in his own language. Since we are a foodie family, the logical place to start giving him choices was with food!

I tried starting out by showing him foods like bananas or blueberries, but I learned quickly that having him choose to say, “I want a banana or I want a blueberry” was too much when he was first learning to speak. Beginning with simple colors and familiar objects of the same kind, like the Stonyfield pouches, was the way to go.

“Would you like yellow or blue?”

Not only are pouches a great snack or part of a meal, they can be a wonderful learning tool! The Stonyfield YoKids and YoTot pouches are all different colors, making them a great way to learn the primary colors of red, blue, green and yellow! The Stonyfield pouches were instrumental in teaching our son colors and how to count, too! We always keep an assortment of pouches in our fridge to get extra practice when it’s snack time. Any opportunity to learn!

To play this delicious and educational game with your toddler, ask any of these questions to spark some conversation:

  • Would you like the green or red?
  • What color would you like?
  • Would you like the strawberry or blueberry?
  • What color is a blueberry?
  • Are strawberries red?
  • Do you like yogurt?
  • What flavor do you like the best?
  • How many pouches would you like?
  • Is yogurt your favorite snack?

Now that he’s mastered his colors, we’ve moved onto learning numbers.

“Would you like 1 or 2 yogurts?”

We all know that the answer is always two. The motivation of being able to enjoy the tasty yogurts after doing a bit of learning colors, always works wonders to get our son to speak and learn. His eyes light up when he gets the chance to say what color he wants or tell me how many yogurt pouches I’m holding up. If you could only see how many pouches we have in our fridge; we’re a bit obsessed. Anything to practice our colors and numbers with Stonyfield pouches!