Ah, the weekend. That time in the week that you can spend the whole day catching up on errands or last season’s episodes of New Girl. Along with concerning yourself with important chores like this, it can also be a time to catch up with friends. Going out to brunch is a wonderful idea, but if you want to shake it up a bit and save a couple bucks while doing it, hosting brunch is the way to go. Grab some good friends, a calm but energized playlist on Spotify and follow these tips for a brunching success.

Here are some simple tips to follow when planning quality brunch time:

Your job is to make the main dish

  • Whether that be pancakes or quiche or breakfast meats, you make the dishes that everything else will compliment.

*Extra Tip: Didn’t plan for extra people? Whip together a quick frittata and throw it in the oven with a timer. It looks almost as delicious as it tastes!

Ask friends to bring items

  • Ask friends to bring juice, jams and bread, granola and other yogurt toppings or their favorite breakfast dish.

A Yo-Nola Bar to fit every guests taste

Have all the drinks

  • Some friends will need caffeine, some a hot beverage without caffeine, some a strong beverage and some just juice – having all the options will leave you feeling prepared and like a hostess with the most-est. You can also ask friends to bring their favorite beverage to share with all.
  • Having a large pitcher of sangria or mimosas prepared will save you time and also invite people to pour their own.

Side dishes are a must

  • I personally must have potatoes at brunch, whether it is homefries or hashbrowns, they’re the perfect complement to any dish in my opinion. Make sure you start cooking the homefries in the oven before your guests arrive because they take about 40 minutes.
  • These are also items your friends can prepare – there is no greater feeling than someone contributing a brand new dish to what you already have!

Brunch is supposed to be fun, so have friends help you prepare – it only makes your kitchen that much warmer!