Heat Wave Activities

It’s the middle of summer and all parents can relate to two things: it’s HOT, and our kids are getting bored. Don’t spend one more moment cooped up inside; it’s time to make the most of summer! Take a look at these five fantastic activities to help you beat the heat and keep those kids busy!

1. Sprinkler Olympics

Sure your kids can run around the backyard in the sprinkler, but it’s a lot more fun if you add some friendly competition! Games like “Red Light/Green Light,” “Simon Says,” and “Duck, Duck, Goose” are perfect. Keep track of each event and crown your gold medal winner at the end of the afternoon.

2. Glow Stick Bowling

Some days it’s better to play it cool inside and head out for fun after the sun goes down. Glow stick bowling is sure to be a family favorite. Just add an activated glow stick to ten tall bottles filled with water. Arrange the bottles as your “pins” and use a medium sized ball to complete your bowling set.

activities for kids3. Ice Cream Ball Musical Chairs

This activity is great for a group! All you need is an ice cream ball and some music. Add your favorite Stonyfield yogurt to the ball (like this one from YayLabs!) and have the kids gather in a circle. Play the music as they roll the ball around to each other. Whoever gets caught with the ball when the music stops is out, but with delicious frozen yogurt to eat, everybody’s a winner in the end!

4. Water Hose Limbo

There’s nothing a good dance party can’t fix! Grab the hose, crank some tunes, and get your limbo on! Start with the water stream high before gradually going lower and lower. If the water stream hits you, you’re out and get to hold the hose for the next round!

popsicle_art.25. Popsicle Art

Fill popsicle molds with different layers of your favorite Stonyfield flavors (we like using YoTot). You can create stripes, dots, or a more marbled look. Just pop them in the freezer and you’ll have a yummy treat to cool you down on even the hottest day!


Tell us: How do you like to keep cool in the summer?