Happy New Year from A Running MomGuest Contributor, Megan Searfoss from Run Like A Mother, has run over 20 marathons and numerous 5ks, 10ks and triathlons throughout her running career. She uses running and her blog as a way to show women of all ages and sizes how they too can run to find balance in their lives.

Those words incite celebration, renewal, recharge—then realization, reaction and an attempt at reinvention when we decide to use the New Year to make resolutions. Many of us resolve to change our health in the month of January and fall victim to detox programs that attempt to quickly correct our holiday overindulgence. Detox powders, pills, teas, shakes, and crazy kale-only diets are popular and sold in reputable stores, so why wouldn’t they work? Sadly, there is no truth to any claim and the cleanse industry is making millions every January by enticing us to start fresh in the New Year.

Our bodies detoxify beautifully on their own and on a daily basis. Granted, a body can benefit from a reprieve of overindulgence of holiday alcohol but honestly, a clean diet and exercise are going to ring in the New Year most successfully. Instead of heading to the health food store or vitamin shop to purchase a “program”, commit to shopping the grocery store perimeter and exercise. That’s it, simple–not as glamorous and exciting to talk about as a crazy cleanse but much more successful in the long run.

Shopping the Perimeter

A friendly reminder that the healthiest foods live on the perimeter of the grocery store; produce, fresh baked goods, lean meats and fresh dairy. Aisles are reserved for packaged, processed goods and therefore carry higher sugar content, chemicals and unhealthy fats. Eating along the perimeter helps your body by providing fiber, clean protein and excellent sources of vitamins and minerals that will keep your body performing strong. And nothing screams detox like eating organic! Choosing foods that are organic will rid your body of the chemicals that are not meant to be eaten in the first place.


Nothing keeps a body clean like physical movement. While your liver and digestive system actually detoxify your body, physical movement helps keep things moving in the right direction. Commit to getting out and moving at least ½ hour a day. The Center for Disease Control recommends 150 minutes of moderate intense aerobic activity per week to maintain weight. If you are looking to clean up and lose a little weight, your commitment needs to be greater or the intensity must increase. However, jumping into January too quickly with an aggressive program will lead to failure or injury. By simply committing to 10,000 steps a day will 3-4 days a week will help you get started and will do wonders for your “cleanse”. If you are at home with the kids, involve them in your movement by making a game out of your exercise. Keep it simple and cheap, by heading out the door to move; walk, jog, run!

Be smart this January and don’t become a victim to cleanse systems that claim to kick-start your year in a healthy way. The answer is not as glamorous but worth every penny in the long run. Diet and exercise, make it your cleanse for 2015.

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