Five Ways Greek Yogurt is the Perfect “FIT” for a Healthy Lifestyle

By Stephanie Suire of Food and Fitness 4 Real

Greek yogurt is the perfect FIT for a healthy lifestyle as a calcium rich breakfast, protein-packed post workout meal or low sugar snack any time of the day. Although it has been around for hundreds of years, Greek yogurt has rapidly gained popularity in recent years because it tastes good, is good for you and is filling. Originated in Greece, it is believed that Greek yogurt found its way to the US market through a Greek food store in Queen, New York. Due to the increase in demand, now you can easily find it on the shelf at your local grocery store.

When I first discovered Greek yogurt, I was a little hesitant to try it because I was not sure I would like the taste. Usually made from cow’s milk, the excess liquid is strained or boiled away making Greek yogurt thicker and creamier than other types of yogurt. Then I learned more about the nutritional benefits of it compared to regular yogurt and soon it became a part of my healthy lifestyle. Now I prefer the prefer the rich, creamy taste over regular yogurt, which can be tart or overly sweet.

Here are Five Ways Greek Yogurt is the Perfect FIT your Healthy Lifestyle:

1. PROTEIN is a muscle-building nutrient and provides the amino acids needed to repair your muscles after a workout. It can also help keep you feeling full longer and Greek yogurt has twice the protein of other types of yogurt. On average, a 6 ounce serving of Greek yogurt contains 15-20 grams of protein.

2. CALCIUM helps form and maintain healthy bones. Without enough calcium in your diet your body can take calcium from your bones, which can lead to bone fractures later in life. Greek yogurt contains 20% of the daily recommended amount of calcium.

3. PROBIOTICS in Greek yogurt improves and regulates your digestive health by keeping the bacteria in your gut healthy. It also helps to boost your immune system, which could prevent you from catching a cold from germs spread at work, school or the gym.

4. With HALF THE SUGAR, Greek yogurt is a healthier choice than regular yogurt. Add a drizzle of honey, top it with fresh fruit or mix in low-fat granola for a snack any time of the day.

5. As a SUBSTITUTE in cooking, you can use Greek yogurt as a substitute for sour cream, cream cheese, butter, mayo, buttermilk and oil. It can also be added to sauces, soups and casseroles since the lower water and higher fat content make it less likely to curdle when heated.

As a busy working mom, Greek yogurt has become my favorite choice for a fast, portable breakfast on the go or an easy post-workout snack. Add Stonyfield Greek yogurt to your diet, it is a perfect FIT for a healthy lifestyle.