You’re probably accustomed to eating Greek yogurt with granola or adding it to smoothies for breakfast. And we agree that you can’t go wrong with those combinations in the morning!

But Greek yogurt is just as tasty later in the day, and serves as the perfect healthy & versatile ingredient in all sorts of savory recipes and dishes.

Below are some ideas for how to incorporate Greek yogurt into your lunches, appetizers and dinners.

Instead of Sour Cream

Mexican and other spicy foods often call for a big dollop of something creamy to help balance out the flavors in a dish. Plain Greek yogurt is the perfect addition, since it’s creamy and tangy like sour cream but has far fewer calories and fat – and none of the unnatural thickeners and additives sometimes present in sour cream.

In a Creamy Salad Dressing

Traditionally, creamy dressings are made with mayonnaise. Try making them with plain Greek yogurt instead, which offers the same consistency with fewer calories and more health benefits. One of my favorite dressings is simply Greek yogurt mixed with salsa, like in this Mango Avocado salad.

With Citrus and Fresh Herbs

Nothing beats the winter blues like a vibrant citrus salad with fresh mint, cilantro or parsley. I love serving a mixture of blood oranges, navels and grapefruit with fresh mint leaves and plain Greek yogurt. Add a little red onion and olive oil for a perfect dinner side dish.

In Dips and Dressings

Whether you’re making a homemade dip or using a store-bought seasoning packet, Greek yogurt provides the perfect base for any dip or dressing. I love mixing caramelized onions with Greek yogurt and Parmesan cheese for a veggie dip or cracker spread that pleases any crowd!

With Cucumbers

Middle Eastern cuisine has included yogurt with fresh herbs, garlic and cucumbers for centuries. And for good reason: these flavors compliment each other just perfectly. One of my favorite super-fast side dishes is sliced cucumbers tossed with plain Greek yogurt, lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Adding minced garlic or fresh herbs to this dish makes it even more flavorful


What other ways do you enjoy using Greek yogurt post-breakfast? We’d love to hear your ideas too!