It’s the season of Friendsgiving. No, I’m not talking about giving thanks for my favorite show Friends, I do that 365 days a year. I’m talking about a Thanksgiving gathering with your friends that usually takes place the day before, or the day after your family Thanksgiving. With the family you get to choose, not the family your born into (just kidding mom, I love you). While you’re getting ready to whip up mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy and on and on for your family meal, friendsgiving tends to be a bit more laid back and casual. So what do you bring? Personally, I am a big fan of appetizers. In fact, I would be fine if every party only included appetizers.

So whether you’re heading to a Friendsgiving, a plain ole Thanksgiving or both, here’s a delicious and easy app to make when you just can’t bear the thought of cooking two batches of creamed onions:

Greek, Gorgonzola and Pear Crostini


10oz Stonyfield Plain Greek Yogurt
4oz Organic Gorgonzola Cheese
½ teaspoon Fresh Organic Thyme or ¼ teaspoon Dried Organic Thyme (plus extra for garnish)
¼ teaspoon Fresh Organic Rosemary or 1/8 teaspoon Dried Organic Rosemary
½ Tablespoon Organic Honey (plus extra for garnish)
2 Organic Pears (you may only need 1)
1/2 Cup Toasted Organic Walnuts
18 Toasted Baguette Slices


Mix yogurt, gorgonzola cheese, thyme, rosemary and honey in a large bowl. Cover and chill for 1-24 hours.

To serve, slightly toast baguette slices and top with yogurt/gorgonzola spread, two slices of pear, a drizzle of honey, some chopped roasted walnuts and some fresh thyme.

This has most of your major holiday food groups. Add a glass of delicious Pinot Noir and as far as I’m concerned you’ve got yourself a well-rounded holiday meal.