You thought you knew everything there was to know about yogurt. Then along comes a yogurt so creamy and thick you just can’t resist. And now you’re downright obsessed with the goodness of Greek. Congrats on making a great choice for your health!

Greek yogurt is a great treat for breakfast or a snack with protein to keep you full or power your post-workout. But is the Greek you’re choosing the best choice? That depends, is it organic?

While the dairy aisle is filled with yogurts made with simple ingredients and “natural” on the label, that doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to be made with the same rigorously applied standards required by products with the certified organic seal.

Only certified organic Greek yogurt is guaranteed to be:

So, when you get to the yogurt aisle, and you’re ready to cross Greek yogurt off your list of healthy items, be sure to look for the certified organic seal when you want to go organic.