Tell the FDA to label GMO's

Maybe you’ve heard our recent news: our CE-Yo Gary Hirshberg will be changing his role here at Stonyfield so he can spend more time advocating for change in our current food system, especially the labeling of GMOs in our foods. We believe that we have the right to know what’s in our food and how it is produced. We’ve been busy here at Stonyfield fighting the good fight – continuing the work we’ve been doing for years – and would love to have you join us.

Here is some of what we’ve been up to recently:

1. Standing Alongside Just Label It

More than 500,000 people have joined us in submitting comments to the FDA in favor of labeling genetically engineered foods. That’s remarkable! We’re standing alongside Just Label It and asking all of our friends, fans, and yogurt lovers to join us.

We have no time to lose. The FDA is preparing to approve genetically engineered salmon, which would be the first genetically engineered animal on the market in the United States and a huge departure from the status quo. Plus, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is considering a proposal to deregulate corn engineered to be resistant to the herbicide 2,4-D, a major component in Vietnam-era Agent Orange. (In fact, some people are calling it Agent Orange Corn, for short.)

Watch the new video from filmmaker Robert Kenner, who produced and directed the Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning documentary Food, Inc. If you too believe we all have a right to know what’s in our food, then write to the FDA right now.

2. Writing the First Consumer Guide to Genetic Engineering
“Before the GE experiment goes any further, we believe it’s critical that each of us be allowed to choose whether we wish to be human guinea pigs: Foods produced with GE ingredients must be labeled.” – from Label It Now

Gary, our Co-Founder and Chairman, and Britt Lundgren, our Director of Organic and Sustainable Agriculture, joined with Dr. Charles Benbrook, the Organic Center’s Chief Scientist to write an e-book called: Label It Now – What You Need to Know About Genetically Engineered Foods. The book cuts through the complicated scientific debate about genetically modified food to put forth a simple premise: We all have a right to know what’s in our food.

3. Making Our Voices Heard
We’re not shy about helping to educate on organic and the risks of genetically engineered foods and neither is Gary! He’s been out and about making some great – informative – noise and fostering important conversations recently.

Read about the highlights of his talk on nutritionist Melinda Hemmelgarn’s blog.

Gary also teamed up with Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation and co-producer of Food Inc., to write an op-ed about your right to know what’s in your food that appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle. Read it here.

4. Helping You Get to Know Your Food

We’re sharing blog posts from experts, videos about Stonyfield’s farmers, origins, and ingredients sourcing, and some of the best food news articles and resources around. This month, for example, nutritionist Ashley Koff sheds insight into “What Your Refrigerator Predicts About You”.

We invite you to join in the conversation.  Commit to get to know your food this year. Start by taking a look into your fridge and telling us what you want to know. Then check back to keep learning more!