GMO_label_pic.jpgTo know Stonyfield and our co-founder Gary Hirshberg, is to know that we believe everyone deserves the right to know what’s in their food. That’s why our products are certified organic, and also why we’ve been fighting for years in support of GMO labeling at the state and national level. In fact, since 2011 we’ve donated over $650,000 (and countless hours) to state labeling campaigns and the national efforts of Just Label It.

It’s working, but it’s not easy

We’re making progress at making labeling a reality. In fact, this Friday, Vermont’s first in the nation GMO labeling law goes into effect.  Unfortunately, it’s still at risk. The Senate will be voting soon on the Roberts-Stabenow bill, which would prevent the Vermont law from going into effect and create a national labeling system that would allow companies to hide information about GMOs behind a QR code. 

When was the last time you used a QR code? Exactly. Americans shouldn’t have to own smartphones to know what’s in their food or how it’s grown.

Your voice is making a difference

We’ll keep on fighting for clear labeling laws with your help. Please tell your Senator to oppose the Roberts-Stabenow bill today: Sign here. And in the meantime, we’re making progress on GMO labeling at the corporate level.  In fact, our sister company, Dannon, has made a pledge to begin labeling any products containing GMOs, regardless of what Congress decides. They’re not alone, and that’s because of you using your voices and voting with your dollars.

Want to know more about what the Roberts-Stabenow bill would really accomplish? Gary and Gwyneth make it easy to see why it’s not good enough.