Dads love grills!

With Father’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift for the grill master in your life. Below are my top recommendations for a wide variety of grilling-related gifts. Some of them are tasty; others are handy to have around. But rest assured, all of them are fit for a king of the grill!

Dry Rub Collection [] – The secret to exceptional grilled meat is nailing the flavor. This collection of four dry rubs includes the following: chili lime, Potlatch (for salmon), spicy chipotle, and a sweet-smoky smokehouse rub. A wide variety of flavors like these ensures great tasting meats without all the fuss and effort of custom-blending dried spices and herbs. This way Dad can focus his efforts and energy on the grilling instead. (Retail price: $27.95)

Personalized Camo Apron [] – This is the perfect apron for the busy grill master. Not only does itcome with an accompanying grill mitt and several pockets for grill tool storage, it also has a retractable bottle opener attached. Dad can be stylish while also having everything he needs right within reach. (Retail price: $42.99)

Stainless Steel Grilling Tool Set [] – Having the right tools for the right job is critical, especially when it comes to grilling. This comprehensive grilling tool set includes a pair of tongs, a steak fork, a spatula, four steel skewers, and a basting brush. It’s everything Dad needs to grill up a feast for his family! (Retail price: $59.95)

Cypress Cutting board [!product/prd1/3353053361/atchafalaya] – Even though most of the action for a barbecue happens on the grill, it’s vital for your home’s grill master to have a great cutting board. Whether it’s for chopping veggies for skewers or cutting up ribs after they’re grilled, this high quality cypress cutting board (with built in drip catching well) is the right tool for the job. (Retail price: $105.00)

Steakburger Club (3 months) [] – Finally, what’s a cook out without the meat? Treat that special dad in your life to a three month steakburger subscription. Each month Kansas City Steaks will ship 16 steak burgers directly to you, all via free shipping. With the prime grilling months of the summer upon us, this gift couldn’t be better timed. Or tastier! (Retail price: $144.95)