Toddlerhood is full of mischief, mayhem, and messes. Being a mom of little ones often feels a bit like chasing mini-tornados, but I’ve learned you can harness that same abundant toddler energy to help out around the house. Toddlers love to feel important, so when I assign my three year old a task, she tackles it with pride!

Here are four chores my toddler loves:

  1. Rinsing the recycling
    One of my daughter’s favorite activities is eating Stonyfield yogurt, but getting to rinse the containers is a close second. Washing dishes is still a bit complicated at this age, but rinsing the recycling is a perfect toddler task!
  2. Sorting the silverware
    Sorting the silverware is a perfect way for my daughter to help clean up in the kitchen. Usually we work on unloading the dish washer together. I take care of all of the items that go up in the cabinets, and by the time she’s done sorting, I have the rest of the dishes put away!
  3. Sweeping under the table
    Being itty bitty has its perks! Toddlers are experts at cleaning hard to reach places like under the kitchen table. Mealtimes are messy around here, so there’s always ample clean up to be done with her mini broom and dust pan.
  4. Hunting for objects
    Going on an “object hunt” is especially fun! If your house is anything like mine, shoes often get scattered everywhere. Every once in awhile I send my daughter on a mission to find all of her shoes and return them to the metal crate I keep in the laundry room. We do the same thing for toys, laundry, and books. Keeping it simple and gathering up one type of item at a time means that even my 18 month old is able to participate and helps keep clutter to a minimum!

Even the tiniest toddlers can be a BIG help! What ways do you involve your little ones in household chores?