Introducing Utensils to Your Little One

What’s the best age to start introducing utensils? Any time that you feel your child is ready is fine, but don’t expect your one-year-old to be an expert just yet. While some babies master this skill around 12 months, others may not get the hang of it until closer to a year and a half. Here are a few tips to get started:

  1. Start with a spoon. If you’re concerned about your baby biting down too hard, you can use a plastic or rubber-tipped spoon, readily available in baby stores. For the sake of food safety, don’t use disposable plastic spoons because they can shatter.
  2. Don’t worry if she takes her time. Most babies do things at their own pace. Mimic the movement of eating with a spoon, then offer it to her. But if she’s not interested, don’t worry about it. She’ll give it a try when she’s ready.
  3. Practice makes perfect, so it may take a while for your baby to get anything much into his mouth. Be prepared for a mess, and possibly some food flung onto the walls by accident!