I’m a mom.

I’m a mom of a toddler.

I’m a mom of a toddler who is going off to preschool for the first time this Fall.

Hold me.I’ve been a stay at home mom with Brooks {and now Graham, too} for almost 3 years. And now my first born is going to go to preschool. I can’t believe it! Time is going by so fast! This is a big deal because it will be the first time he will really not be with me {or his dad or grandparents} since he was born. Sure, we do all sorts of classes, have memberships everywhere in Philly and are constantly around other kids, but it will be different because he won’t be with me. I’m excited for him, but at the same time I can’t believe how quickly he is growing up into a little boy. A little gentleman to be exact.

Brooks will be going to preschool for two days a week this year for a few hours in the morning. I’m excited for him to really start to understand the teacher/student relationship as well as socialize more with other kids his age. He loves to play, explore and create so I know he will have so much fun – and I’m excited to have some solo time with my littlest a few times a week, to do a few fun things with Graham {who is turning one} too!

BUT I have to say that one thing I am a little concerned about is snack time. Brooks can be a little picky when it comes to eating, as I am sure most toddlers are. With this school, they have snack time in the middle of the day and a parent is in charge of bringing something for everyone that week – keeping it healthy and allergy friendly. While I’m sure most toddler parents have the same struggle, getting Brooks to eat his fruits and veggies isn’t easy. So I’m really trying to plan out some healthy + filling breakfasts on days he has school, in case he doesn’t join in on the snacks that day!

Here are a few toddler-friendly meals I’m planning to make for Brooks on his preschool days as I know they are packed with nutrition, flavor and will keep him satisfied and having fun all morning:

Berry Baked Oatmeal – This I know will be on constant rotation as the weather cools. PLUS it’s one way I can sneak in some fruits for Brooks as they are covered with oats, yogurt and a touch of syrup!

Homemade Vanilla Waffles – Both my boys LOVE waffles. I love the addition of greek yogurt on top of these for a little extra tang and some bonus calories to keep the littles full.

Southwestern Breakfast Strata – This is something I totally plan on making on a Sunday evening and having ready to go during the week. I love something I can prep ahead of time and then throw in the oven – plus it’s got a few veggies and sausage, which everyone in my house loves. Yum.

Oat Bar – These bars are something every mom needs to have on hand as they are a great grab and go option when you are running late {which is constantly for me}. I love these and how you can easily make them your own with your favorite ingredients, or whatever you happen to have on hand!

Fall Vegetable Quiche – I love quiches {and fritattas!} because they are a great way to sneak in some vegetables to a picky toddler! You can also easily make them ahead of time or just make your own with whatever is in your fridge!

What are some of your breakfast favorites to feed your picky eaters?

Please share!