Follow these tips to help exercise with children!

Finding time to yourself, let alone finding time to exercise when you have two kids can be a daunting task. Why exercise in those few moments alone when you could be resting after chasing your children around? As hard as it may be to get up and start moving, you’ll thank yourself later when you have the extra strength to keep up with those little rascals!

When my second child was first born, it was easier to find a time when both children were sleeping during the day to exercise. Now, that they are both getting older, naptimes are nonexistent for my first born and sporadic for my second born. Finding alone time to exercise is really not an option during the day.

However, once both children are sleeping through the night, now’s the chance to set an early alarm and exercise before they wake up (or after they’ve gone to sleep). You’ll feel pumped and refreshed after spending 30 minutes to exercise. I’ve found that you can fit a higher quality workout in when you aren’t constantly distracted by your children. Here are some ways to get exercising while your children are still asleep:

  • If your spouse is willing, have them listen out for the children while you get outside or go to the gym to get your workout on.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have a treadmill or exercise machine at home, use it! Once you get going, you’ll be glad you did. I find that the sound when using my treadmill in the morning doesn’t bother my kids. It’s an added hum that keeps them asleep. Just be sure to not wear headphones and keep the baby video monitor close by to keep an eye on them (since you won’t be able to hear them).
  • Else, pull up YouTube or your favorite workout DVD and get to work distraction free!

The alternative is to exercise with your children during the day! I’ve found this to be not only inspiring for them to see you investing in your own health, but it also lets you get more sleep while they’re still asleep! Every minute matters.

  • Take them for a walk/run in the double stroller. When the weather is nice, this is my cup of tea! They get some fresh air and you get to stretch your legs! It’s always nice to change the scenery when you’re stuck in the house all day.
  • Do an exercise video in your living room (or playroom). Your kids can follow along with you and you’ll get added exercise when you use them as weights! Just kidding…maybe.
  • Exercise alongside your kids at the park/beach/pool/etc. If you have a little one, simply wear them (I like using a more structured carrier when I am chasing after my older child instead of the cozy sling carriers.) or put them in a stroller while you and the older child run and play! Then, maybe you will get lucky and everyone will take a nap when you get home, including you!

Whatever your preferred method of exercising with two (or more) children at home, you should feel SO proud of yourself for burning some calories. Even if your schedule and crazy kids only allows for 10 minutes of exercise, you’re 10 minutes of sweat healthier!