Did you hear that? It was a giant sigh released by all the moms whose kids have recently gone back to school. Summer is over and the busy holiday season is right around the corner. Even though you may be juggling work, younger kids and all of your other responsibilities, you can (and should) still find time for a little mom “me” time.

What is “me” time you ask? Well that is time devoted to something just for you. NOT the laundry or cleaning the floors . . .that’s something you do for your family. “Me” time is just for you. It could be a favorite hobby, reading a book or taking a yoga class. Just something that betters you as a person, even if that means simply relaxing (think pedicure!).

Doesn’t it sound wonderful; a small respite in our day, from the hustle and bustle of juggling being a chief cook and bottle washer? Well, why not? We work hard and we deserve a little “me” time.

The next question you may be asking is, “Where on earth am I going to find time to do something just for me?” As busy moms, we get so used to multi-tasking and doing for others all of the time, that we forget to fill up our own tanks. We need to take that time, ideally every day, so that we are better equipped to help and take care of everyone else.

I recently finished reading Jessica Turner’s book, “The Fringe Hours.” In the book, Jessica discusses all the small pockets of time we have throughout our day (fringe hours). We can plan to enjoy some “me” time during those little pockets, by having cards to write out or a book to read when they come up. But think about it: All those little pockets of time can add up to bigger chunks of time. With a little planning, we could take that bigger chunk of time and devote it to something just for us. Remember – folding the laundry doesn’t count! If you had an hour of uninterrupted “me” time, how would you spend it?

Need some ideas for your next pocket of me time? Try one of these:

  • Read a book
  • Watch a movie or show
  • Work on your hobby (or start one)
  • Take a class or listen to a webinar or podcast
  • Meditate
  • Work out – talk a walk, run, or complete a yoga routine, etc.
  • Go shopping without a list, just to browse
  • Meet a girlfriend for coffee or lunch
  • Do a crossword puzzle
  • Write in a journal

It may take you a little while to get used to the idea of taking time for yourself. It still seems frivolous to me some days. But I know in the long run, I operate much better as a wife, mother and entrepreneur, if I filled up my own tank with some time just for me. So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go read the last two chapters of this book, before the kids get home from school!