Boston Marathon race- Ready, set, go!

A mere six weeks until race day and I bet if you asked Team Stonyfield athletes they could tell you it is 42 days or about 1000 hours until they toe the line in Hopkinton. Every footstep counts now toward the ultimate goal of completing the Boston Marathon and sometimes each footstep can speaks a thousand words of doubt—“can I”, “will I”, “what if”? Our mind plays games as the days of our goal race wind down. Even if you have followed a training plan perfectly, your body responded with improved endurance and strength, a little head game can ruin everything. During these last few weeks, it is good to play a few mind games with yourself so that on race day you are prepared for the little devil that may perch on your shoulder and attempt to destroy your race day plan.

  • Think of a race day mantra that can be repeated when you feel you are struggling. Repeating words of strength when things get tough can take your mind off the negative. Think of a few short words that are instructive and positive. “ready, strong, faster”, “lean, fit, strong”, “left, right, gonna fight”


  • Don’t be upset when you have a bad training day. Use the experience to understand how to deal and react when things don’t go as planned. Plan now for Plan B.


  • Dream the race. Use imagery to envision yourself running with ease; light on your feet and graceful. Imagine yourself crossing the finish line and seeing the clock with your anticipated time. Plan your smile and how you will throw your arms in the air when crossing. Watch the medal being placed around your neck.

Be accepting. The best laid plans can be disrupted when a planned 70 degree day becomes 40 degrees and windy. Know that the elements are beyond your control and the same for everyone and roll with it. Wasting time being upset on things that you can’t control is draining. Accept and carry on! Marathon, schmarathon—YOU GOT THIS!