This is how the Stonyfield team trains for the marathon

I’ll tell you the truth – I’ve never been a big fan of running.

To be fair, everyone makes running look easy. I watch those Nike commercials of people tuning out life, blissfully gliding down an old country road at dawn (while sitting on the couch with a bowl of ice cream) and think, “hey, that looks like a mighty fine way to work out”. Pounding down the pavement one foot in front of the other would just cause me to think, “Why am I doing this, where am I even going?” But this is a new year, a time to jump…or run…into something new!

The inspiration
After reading the absolutely heart-warming and inspiring entries for our Team Stonyfield selection in the Boston Marathon, I actually wanted to run. These people run to keep relationships going, serve as an inspiration to their children and to remember those they’ve lost.

I expressed this desire to run with my fellow Communications team members, and we decided to do a 5-week training from Shape Magazine to run the Stonyfield Earth Day 5k on May 3, 2014. Our team, consisting of me and two other members, are training weekly to prepare ourselves to start running races. We run to be healthier, to build endurance and to clear our minds. With a couple treadmills at our office and a gym membership just down the road, our trio is destined for success.

The training
Week 1 was tiring, full of pain but invigorating as our bodies learned to catch up to our breathing. Just starting out at a new exercise can be challenging, even if you are used to working out, so you want to take it slow but also see how far you can push your boundaries. With our first workout being a 2-mile run, we were quite intimidated and said things like “Are you kidding? We’re just starting!” The workout had us run 1/2 mile then walk 1/2 and repeat.

Running with friends pushes you to not quit, and we all found that true as we looked at each other for respite but found none until our break. These two ladies I run with have been nothing but encouraging and upbeat about our little mission and I feel lucky to call them my team.

My first statement of not being a fan of running has changed, finding even lately that it is something I look forward to at the end of the day. With a good beat in my headphones, it makes it easier to drone out all other thoughts and focus on the finish line.

Being only in the beginning, we are building our endurance slowly but by the next check in (roughly week 4) hopefully results will start to show!


Want to run the Stonyfield Earth Day 5k with us? Sign up here!