We’ve always thought of our community as more than just yogurt eaters. So we listen closely to you and, in exchange, we share how we make our yogurt and the thought that goes into our recipe and our ingredients. Recently, we’ve heard questions from some of you about carrageenan, an ingredient we use in a small number of our products.

We truly believe in the integrity of the certified organic label and the organic regulatory process. Because carrageenan is naturally derived from seaweed, Stonyfield and most natural and organic food companies have always viewed this material as safe. In fact, it’s been reviewed on three occasions over the past 20 years by the National Organic Standards Board – including, most recently, in 2012 – and deemed safe and appropriate for use in organic foods.

That said, we’ve been hearing an increasing number of questions and concerns about this ingredient and that some of our fans would prefer we take carrageenan out of our products completely. So we committed ourselves to developing new recipes that do just that.

We are happy to announce that we’ve developed a new recipe for our YoKids Squeezers that tastes as delicious as ever, but that does not include carrageenan. We want to thank you, as ever, for sharing your thoughts with us and allowing us the opportunity to make our yogurt even better. The new Squeezers are on their way to stores now, and you should be seeing them on shelves soon.