A naked organic cow looks on as community members stand in silent protest.
Shocking new reports from several communities appear to reinforce what one woman has termed the “inappropriate and morally offensive behavior” among many of the cows providing milk for Stonyfield Organic Yogurt. According to eyewitness statements and images, large numbers of the cows have been spotted ‘streaking’ – walking or running naked – in clear public view.

“I think these farmers have taken this ‘organic’ thing a bit too far,” says Christine White, a mother of four and president of the newly formed Families Opposed to Organic Lasciviousness. “It’s come to the point where I can’t drive down the street without worrying that my children will be exposed to yet another of these naked cows grazing in the field. And when I say naked, I mean naked. It’s practically like driving my kids through a topless bar.”

The cows had no comment, but according to a spokeswoman for Stonyfield, organic dairy cows aren’t allowed to eat foods with pesticides, antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones. And, she says, organic regulations require that the dairy cows must be allowed to graze on pasture as much as possible, rather than be kept inside in small pens.

But regulations are of no interest to White and her growing body of supporters in FOOL, who recently mounted a silent protest near one farm. “All I know is, none of these organic people seem bothered by this public display of nudity,” said White. “They might claim that it’s all the special regulations for organic milk, but if you ask me, both the farmers and the cows seem like they prefer it this way.”


These cows are letting it all hang out as they graze freely. Opponents are concerned with the public displays of bovine nudity on organic farms, like the one seen here.