Berry Picking

During the cold winter months we long for warm weather where we can all ditch our shoes in favor of bare feet. Every summer day the kids are ready to run through the cool grass in search of adventure. If we are lucky enough our lush sheep pasture yields a crop of fresh wild strawberries hidden under wild grasses and leaves; ripe red jewels peeking out just waiting to be picked. We pretend we are bears and fill our bellies with sweet strawberries and giggles and our faces are pink from summer sun. We carry our sweet treasures carefully back to the house to be savored and shared in our kitchen.

SandraPic5.1Now that the wild strawberries have all been picked we are lucky to have a fresh yield of colossal sized organic blueberries in Grammy’s garden. She carefully cultivates them every year so that we may harvest them by the container. They are perfect for grabbing by the handful and popping into your mouth. The kids find secret pathways under the foliage of the bushes and say that it is there that they can find the biggest berries out of the reach of grown-up fingers. We go back every day to feast on berries and to bring them home to make pancakes, pies, and smoothies.

This summer our first blueberries were eagerly collected and added to oatmeal for breakfast with organic Greek yogurt, and a little milk. We added a little drizzle of maple syrup collected as sap from our maple trees by my nephew and carefully boiled into “liquid gold.” An easy summer breakfast treat to fill growing bellies for all of the summer adventures ahead.

Organic oatmeal with fresh berries and Greek yogurt


  • Your favorite Organic Oatmeal (We used Irish Style Organic Oatmeal)
  • Fresh Organic Blueberries (or any other berries too)
  • Stonyfield Organic Greek Yogurt, Vanilla
  • Stonyfield Organic Milk
  • Real Maple Syrup


Prepare your organic oatmeal as directed. Add blueberries, Greek yogurt, a splash of milk, and a drizzle of maple syrup directly into the pot after turning of the burner. Blend and serve. Your family will love this simple fresh summer breakfast.


Happy berry picking!