We're made to matter.

How it’s made mattered to us from the start

Back in 1983, our co-founders Samuel Kaymen and Gary Hirshberg were running a nonprofit organic farming school on a small New Hampshire farm. They were on a mission to help family farms survive, keep food and food production healthy, and help protect the environment. But the school needed funding. To help, they decided to make some yogurt with milk from one of their seven cows – and they began selling it around town. Turns out the yogurt was a hit – a big one – and Samuel and Gary realized that a successful organic company could make a bigger difference for family farms, people and the planet than their school could. So they decided to run with yogurt.

Proud to Partner with Target Made to Matter today

Having our roots in environmental and organic activism is one of the reasons why we’re so excited to be a part of the Target Made to Matter program. Our organic yogurt, along with products from 30 other innovative wellness brands provide better choices for consumers who want to make an impact on the planet’s health and the health of their families. Target’s Made to Matter collection in 2014 proved successful in joining together respected brands to make a strong statement that consumers can make a difference in the world – starting with their purchases. We couldn’t be happier to help drive awareness and accessibility of better food and wellness choices and we’re excited to become part of such a powerful movement for good.

The details of our new, exclusive-to-Target line of organic yogurts are still under wraps – but you can expect to see the new cups on Target store shelves nationally this July. Stay tuned in the upcoming months for more information on planet-friendly deliciousness you don’t want to miss.