Check out these delicious and healthy yogurt recipes!

By Stonyfield Clean Plate Club member Marnely Rodriguez-Murray of Cooking with Books

In the United States, greek yogurt has become not a trend, but a way of life. More and more of us are using the ingredient in our everyday life. Starting the morning with a fruit smoothie using Stonyfield Greek as a base is my go-to quick breakfast; for lunch, a dollop of yogurt in my pasta salad adds not only creaminess but added flavor and nutrition; and for a late night after-dinner treat? We dip fresh strawberries in yogurt and semi-sweet chocolate chips!

But who does the rest of the world consume this velvety smooth ingredient? Let’s take a trip around a few countries and explore their yogurt recipes!

In India, a Lassi is a traditional chilled beverage made with yogurt or buttermilk. Flavored with spices such as cardamom, chili, or turmeric. By adding fresh fruit and honey, it’s the best way to balance a hot and spicy Indian meal.

Head on over to Greece and discover the power of their favorite condiment: Tzatziki! A combination of yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, salt, olive oil, lemon juice, and dill, this is the Greek’s preferred condiment for their classic gyros, but also served as an appetizer with fresh pita bread.

Some Arab countries make Labneh, a yogurt-based spread typically served with a variety of pies. Strained yogurt is used, and if strained enough, it can be rolled into small balls and preserved in olive oil and herbs. Later on, it’s served as a light appetizer before a meal.

As you can see, yogurt isn’t only for your morning smoothies anymore! Try to incorporate it into your classic recipes this summer, such as replacing mayonnaise for Greek yogurt in your potato salad recipe. Or maybe serve up a platter of deviled eggs that have yogurt folded into the yolk mixture. Inspiration is everywhere, from new ingredients to cultures around the world, so let yogurt be the paint on your canvas of life!

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