YoKids have a magical time

I have an 8-year old daughter who absolutely loves Disney On Ice, and the movie Frozen. So when I told her we would be attending Disney On Ice presents Frozen, Presented by Stonyfield YoKids (where mom works!), she was, in her own words, “Soooo excited”!

Last Saturday we waded through hundreds of little girls wearing Elsa and Anna dresses, little boys and more than a few excited grown-ups at the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, RI to see the show. There were Frozen themed face-painting stations, photo booths and a thrilling collection of light-up souvenirs and snow cones…and we weren’t even at our seats yet.

The Frozen show is a single story: An on ice reenactment of the movie Frozen complete with all of the wonderful characters and music. It was quite amazing to see how they were able to bring the movie to life, like Elsa’s magic (sparks!), the winter setting (it snowed on the ice!) and Sven the reindeer (skating so gracefully!). The show was wonderful and my daughter sang all of her favorite Frozen songsA. And, I’ll admit it, I sang too. The enthusiasm was all around us, there was even one little girl two seats over who never stopped dancing through the entire show.

Seeing the Stonyfield YoKids logo displayed on the Jumbotron and on signs throughout the arena gave me a sense of pride to be working for a company that is sponsoring something so well-loved. This is the first time that Feld Entertainment (the company that produces Disney On Ice and Disney Live!) has had a national sponsor for its ice and stage shows. But it’s a perfect fit, since both Feld and Stonyfield share a commitment to helping kids and families make nutritious food choices and live an active, healthy lifestyle.

As my daughter and I exited the venue we were able to grab some free samples of Stonyfield YoKids organic yogurt, which was a nice after-show treat. Needless to say it only took about five minutes for my daughter to ask to go to another show.

Cindy and her daughter on a family outing.

The Frozen show runs nationally through June 2015. Follow Stonyfield on Facebook and Twitter and sign up for our emails to learn how you and your family can enter for a chance to win tickets to select shows.