These Stonyfield lunches rock!

When headed back to school, kids want the coolest of cool for their learning gear, including their lunch. There is no doubt we want to indulge in their cool back to school approach, but let’s make it healthy! Healthy is cool, right?

With help from Applegate, Organic Valley, Annie’s Homegrown, Rudi’s and Honest Tea we are here to show you how cool lunch can get with Rock The Lunchbox.

We set some of our Stonyfield Yo-Getter bloggers up with cool bento lunchboxes and asked them to tell us what lunch with their children is like. Here’s what they said!


Bento boxes are easy to organize and move.

Yana and Jennifer from Hemming Birds were intimidated by the bento lunchbox, but quickly fell in love. They found the lunchboxes and organization easier to fit veggies in for growing toddlers. They said that the boxes even fit perfectly in a diaper bag, blending healthy lunch choices with easy mobility!


Keep it colorful to get kids to dig in.

Ashley from Spit Up Is The New Black said that fun colors and neat placement of food were easy for her daughter to dig into. The resealable lids also helped if her daughter hadn’t finished something so they could save it for later. By making something your kids love, and being able to save it for later, there’s no waste!



Replacing pizza with a flatbread snack gives kids the best of both worlds.Mary from Raising Dick and Jane went with a creative route when school season hit this year. She asked her daughter to draw what she wanted to see in her lunchbox. When pizza was one of the items, Mary quickly substituted it for a delicious tortilla flat with cheese, marinara, olives and pepperoni.


When you make something your children love, they have something to look forward to in their lunch that they surely won’t want to trade. Rock The Lunchbox is a great way to show healthy options in a fun, fresh container for school, daycare, or picnic days.

What’s your kids favorite lunch? Comment for a chance to win a kids leak-proof stainless-steel food container!