Growing up, plain yogurt was always on the dinner table. Yes you heard right, the dinner table – not breakfast table! A staple in Middle Eastern cuisine, we love using plain yogurt as a condiment, sauce or topping for Lebanese specialties. To this day, I love using yogurt in all sorts of savory dishes to add tanginess, protein and flavor.

Here are 5 ways to use yogurt in savory dishes starting today:

  1. Sour Cream Swap Out: We all love topping our nachos with sour cream or adding a dollop on top of a platter of nachos but why not try using plain yogurt instead? Not only is yogurt easier on the waistline but it adds a creamy tanginess that is an ideal replacement for sour cream.  
  1. Cucumber Yogurt Sauce: Cuisines from all over the world use cucumber yogurt sauces to balance out savory dishes. Greek Tzatziki is the ideal topping to charred, grilled meats. Indian Raita lends a cool, creamy sauce to helps balance spicy Indian curries. For a Middle Eastern flair, try Cucumber Laban made with lemon, garlic and mint.
  1. Stir into Soups and Stews: Top your next bowl of chili with plain yogurt to give it another boost of protein and a cool, creamy texture to balance the heat. Stir in plain yogurt to your next batch of butternut squash soup to add tanginess to balance out the sweet, creamy fall soup. Whether it’s Chicken Tortilla Soup, Turkey & Bean Chili or Turkish Red Lentil, almost any soup or stew tastes better finished with a little plain yogurt.
  1. Healthy Mayo Alternative: Plain yogurt is a great mayonnaise substitution that is not only lower in calories but is packed with protein. Try plain yogurt in your favorite chicken salad recipe or on your next tuna sandwich. You won’t miss the calories and you’ll love the added tanginess it lends.
  1. When In Doubt, Add Sriracha: Plain yogurt stirred with spicy Sriracha creates a creamy, mellow, slightly-spicy sauce that is delicious on top of broiled salmon, stirred into soup or used as a condiment on your next pita sandwich. Add ketchup for a little sweetness and you’ve got your new favorite French fry dip!

What are your favorite ways to use yogurt in savory dishes? We would love to hear from you!