Rock your fourth with these awesome recipes!

Want 4th of July recipes that really pop? Rock your red, white and blue for the fourth, and give your guests (or hosts) something to talk about with these summer sensations [or fan favorites]:

4th of July RecipesFireworks Slaw with Tangy Cilantro Yogurt –everything you want it to be and more—colorful, flavorful, healthy and most of all, tasty. You can also mix in your favorite vegetables, too, I add cucumbers to mine for a fresh bite, and lighten it up with Stonyfield Whole Milk Plain yogurt in place of [what, mayo?].

You can still make Potato Salad, but why not give it a healthy kick using this Herbed Potato Salad recipe that substitutes mayo with Stonyfield Plain lowfat yogurt? Even on a weeknight, this potato salad can dress up any dinner as its accompanying side dish.

grilled-vegetables-.2-red-pepper-marinade-and-dipIs someone else bringing potato salad?…You truly can’t have enough, but if you don’t want to bring a repeated dish, definitely give these Grilled Veggies with Roasted Red Pepper Marinade and Dip a try. You can have this as a side dish, or serve it as a vegetarian main dish by grabbing ciabatta or a French baguette and making a sandwich with the dip and vegetables topped with goat cheese, or your own favorite.

Do you have some extra grilled chicken in the fridge from last night’s dinner? Chop it in small cubes and add some cooked pasta, chopped veggies and this savory dressing for a masterpiece in minutes.

4th of July recipesIn my book, you always have to have some sort of dessert at a cookout, too. There are those times when you just have to try every side and main dish – and you get full. So full that you start counting the amount of exercise you’ll need to do to work it all off later. Still, you find yourself wanting to end your meal with a summer treat. Voila – The Red White and Blue Smoothie Parfait—refreshing, light and just the right amount of sweetness (and guilt). Grab some clear plastic cups, glasses or mason jars and layer Stonyfield Strawberry lowfat yogurt with Stonyfield Vanilla lowfat yogurt and then top with blended blueberries for some patriotic pizzazz to end your day.