Organize your kitchen with these helpful tips

The arrival of spring often motivates folks to toss old and unused items, banish dust bunnies and clear out cobwebs… but does your spring cleaning extend into the kitchen?

Spring is a great time of year to head to the kitchen and organize the space. With just a few simple tips and tricks, you can make your kitchen cleaner, more efficient and all-around easier to navigate!

1. Out with the old. Just like going through your drawers to pitch worn items, outdated outfits and single socks (where do they disappear to??) is necessary, so is sifting through cabinets. Rid yourself of kitchen gadgets that have seen better days or those that are rarely used. Purge unnecessary duplicates. (I’m looking at you, third can opener.) Next, attack the pantry and check items for freshness, expiration dates and unusable amounts. (i.e. Tortilla chip crumbs.)

Easy ways to stay organized

When you chuck the old stuff, you’ll be clearing space for new pieces and creating easier access to what you actually use on a daily basis.

2. Scrub ‘til it shines. Once you’ve eliminated extra junk, you may find that the kitchen and

fridge could use a deep cleaning. Take the opportunity to polish and disinfect areas that might otherwise go unnoticed like inside the microwave/oven, the dials on your stove and the cracks between appliances and counters. Give the fridge some TLC with (food safe) cleanser that will get your shelves sparkling. Remove the crisper drawers and give them a good scrub so your fruits and veggies have a clean place to live!

3. Labels and boxes and bins, oh my! It’s easier to keep things organized when everything has its place. Invest in some organizational supplies like erasable labels, storage bins and clear jars to help keep tabs on pantry items.

Containers help you stay organized

Special containers for the fridge and freezer can also keep things tidy and make more space for refrigerated items — no more frozen mystery items lurking in the back!

If you have limited space in your cabinets for baking sheets, pans and decorative plates, extend it by using a vertical tray or plate rack which allows for quick and easy access without having to rummage through a stack of heavy items!

Organize your baking sheets

4. Stay on top of things. Life gets busy, making it easy for messy clutter to rear its ugly head again and again. Spending just a few minutes a day straightening things up in the kitchen can save you a day’s worth of work down the road!

While your coffee brews, load the dishwasher or put away clean dishes as you wait for your morning cup. See a puddle in the fridge or a smudge on the stovetop? Keep cleaning wipes closeby for speedy scrubbing on the go. Wash, chop, and store veggies and herbs as soon as you get them home from the grocery store and have them at your disposal during the busy week.

Why save for later what you can do right now? Most of these tasks take just seconds and can head off an avalanche of disorganization in no time at all.

Keeping an organized kitchen may seem like a difficult undertaking, but with some strategic planning and a few simple tools, a space you can be proud of is within reach!