stonyfieldcontainers3.jpgAs a family of four, we go through quite a few Stonyfield yogurt containers each week. My husband and I love using the plain Greek quarts for smoothies, and my girls will happily gobble down any flavor of YoBaby and YoTot.With plenty of empty containers on hand, we’ve learned that the fun doesn’t have to stop just because the yogurt is gone! Here are 4 kid-approved ways we reuse our Stonyfield cartons:

  1. Sorting Containers
    I keep a bag of empty Stonyfield containers in my pantry just so I can distract my kids long enough to make dinner. I give them beads or other little trinkets to sort by color, shape or size. The combinations are endless, and the quart containers make great storage once playtime is over!
  2. Water / Sand Toys
    Give my kids some water or sand, and they’re happy to pour for hours. The various sizes of Stonyfield containers are perfect for scooping and dumping. I can also attest that “flower petal soup” tastes just wonderful served in a yogurt cup…
  3. Paint Supplies
    YoBaby containers are perfect for portioning out paints. They keep the colors separate and make clean-up a breeze! Use the larger containers for rinsing and storing your brushes.
  4. Play-Doh Storage
    I don’t know what happens at your house, but around here, Play-Doh gets mixed into one multicolored blob very quickly! Rather than try to squeeze it back into individual containers, I grab an empty Stonyfield quart and fill it to the brim. The lid keeps everything fresh for more Play-Doh fun another day!

From storage to crafts to sorting, there are a multitude of uses for our beloved Stonyfield containers. But no matter how creative, I think the most fun will always be getting to eat it in the first place!

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