35 Years of Protecting the Planet

Stonyfield started as a dream shared by two friends who wanted to create a business that could have a big purpose while still making profits. From its conception, Stonyfield has always stood for something more than yogurt: A sustainable business, a relationship between a company and family farms, a vote for the planet with each cup scanned at the grocery store and so much more!

Stonyfield Employees

For the past 35 years – Stonyfield has cared about the health of people, the planet and our food!

Healthy Food

• We work with CROPP Cooperative (you may know them as Organic Valley)! They are a farmer-owned cooperative with more than 1,800 family farm members. We also source milk directly from farmers in the Northeast. We’ve built our milk sourcing program with farmers as our top priority: forming relationships, providing organic farming practices that benefit their land and (of course) their beautiful dairy cows.

Healthy Planet

We changed our multipacks to PLA, a material made from plants, because we heard from moms that they were concerned with polystyrene packaging – PLUS plant-based packaging has a lower carbon footprint.

• We’ve been supporting soil health for a long time, but our more recent focus is partnering with farms to boost their carbon sequestration potential. Improving soil health benefits both farmers and the environment – in addition to taking CO2 out of the atmosphere, improving soil health also helps improve a farm’s profitability. See more about how we partner with farms here, it’s pretty amazing!

• Our mission is Healthy People, Healthy Planet and Healthy Food – that means we put our feet where our mission is if one of those is in jeopardy. We’ve lobbied and protested for the climate, not just this year, but for the past 35 years.

• We are speaking out LOUD this year in our Make Earth Cool Again campaign – helping our friends and fans find ways for their voices to be heard through the 2018 Midterm Elections.

Healthy People

• We source only organic ingredients including milk from happy, pastured-raised organic cows.

• Today, Stonyfield organic yogurts, smoothies, soy yogurts, frozen yogurts, milk and cream are sold in supermarkets, natural food stores and colleges across the country. Because we’re organic, we make all of these products without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics or GMOs – which we believe is better for the planet!

Yes, we’ve done a lot of work over the past 35 years, but we do all of this to protect our planet for future generations. And this year – more than any other year – it’s critically important that we all do our part to protect the future by Voting in the 2018 Midterm Elections.

We Need to Protect the Future.

We have the chance to change the future and make sure we have leaders who will stand up for the environment in this next election. What can you do? It’s easy, Just VOTE!

This November is the time to raise your voice and place your vote for candidates who will put public health first. On November 6, 2018 we have the power to make sure every seat in the House & Senate is filled by a candidate who is invested in the climate, the environment, and protecting the health of our children. The U.S House of Representatives is up for grabs, as well as 1/3 of the U.S. Senate. As the election gets closer we will be sharing information on how to identify candidates who care for our environment, health – and ultimately about a healthy future for all.

So for our 35th birthday, we ask for one present from each of you that will go a long way …help us Make Earth Cool Again and vote in the #Midterms2018 Elections for candidates of any Party who will Protect our Environment and Health.