These healthy salads made with organic yogurt are delicious!

Summer means fresh, flavorful foods and when making a salad, you want to be sure to add lots of wonderful ingredients. To help us make delicious salads, we paired up with Bob’s Red Mill and asked our bloggers create tasty concoctions.

Get your grains with this Mexicali salad

Mexicali Grain Salad


What better way to say “summer is here” than with a zesty Mexican inspired dish? Veggies, spices and herbs mix with bulgur to create a dish that will wow and awaken your taste buds. Jessica, of the blog My Baking Heart,used Bob’s Red Mill Quick Cooking Bulgur Wheat and Stonyfield Greek Plain 0% fat yogurt to make her dish healthy. For the full recipe check it out Jessica’s recipe here.

Jessica from My Baking Heart is a Stonyfield blogger full of charm and delight.

Go healthy with this Greek pilaf saladCreamy Greek Pilaf Salad


Thinking of barbecue side dishes? Don’t strain your brain any longer, for here is the tastiest pilaf salad you could ever have. With Stonyfield Greek Plain 0% fat yogurt and Bob’s Red Mill Grande Whole Grains, there’s no guilt indulging in a few more spoonfuls. Wondering how to make this lovely summer salad? Check out Katie’s masterpiece salad here.

Katie from Katie’s Cucina is a Stonyfield Blogger who is always developing new recipes and exploring the wondrous world of food.

Asparagus is good for you, and this salad makes it even more delicious.

Sorghum Asparagus Salad


Some things are worth the wait, and this Sorghum Salad is definitely something to treasure. Though it may take longer than other summer salads to cook, the combination of Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Sorghum (Gluten-Free) and Stonyfield Greek Plain 0% fat yogurt is healthy, delicious and perfect for the season. To find out how to create this fancy feast, check out Marnely’s recipe here.

Marnely from Cooking With Books is a Stonyfield Blogger who keeps her food interesting and flavorful with new flavors for all to try.