Your child will love these healthy recipes!

1. Include a Few Fun Shapes — Not everything has to be cut into cute shapes, but a few carrots cut into flowers, or some cheese cut into stars can go a long way towards making a healthy snack or lunch look a whole lot more appetizing. Cookie cutters make it easy!

2. Food Arrangement/Presentation — Arrange food neatly. This could be as simple as using silicone muffin cups to keep food separated. Packing containers full helps keep the food from sliding around in the box. Grapes or cherry tomatoes are perfect for filling small gaps!

3. Strive for Five — Five different COLORS in every lunch, that is. It’s an easy reminder to pack a healthy, nutritious, and great-tasting lunch! We’ve made it easy for you with our printable worksheet.

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Finding a non-toxic and eco-friendly lunch box can be a challenge — here’s a list of some of the best options I’ve found. The lunch boxes listed here do not contain BPA, phthalates, or lead.

Top 5 Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly Lunch Boxes for Kids

For environmentally-conscientious parents, Goodbyn lunch boxes are a great option for packing lunches.

5. Goodbyn
Made in the USA, this lunch container has several large separate compartments and a water bottle. Although it may be harder for younger children to open and close, it is a great option for older kids.

4. Laptop Lunches
Also made in the USA, this container features several smaller nesting containers with lids, stainless steel cutlery, and an insulated lunch tote. Again, this can be difficult for small hands to open and close, but works nicely for older kids.

3. Easy Lunch Boxes
A terrific, budget-friendly option. A set of 4 divided containers, each with a single lid. It is particularly nice for family picnics or a trip to the zoo.

2. PlanetBox
An extremely well-designed and very well-built stainless steel compartmentalized lunch box. Very easy for even young children to open/close with a single latch. However, it is expensive. They are designed to last for several years.

1. ECOlunchbox
Another fantastic stainless steel lunch box. Made in India. Easy for young children to open/close. Very well-designed.