Guest Contributor, Megan Searfoss from Run Like A Mother, has run over 20 marathons and numerous 5ks, 10ks and triathlons throughout her running career. She uses running and her blog as a way to show women of all ages and sizes how they too can run to find balance in their lives.

There never is enough. Almost never. Moms make the most of what they get, often miraculously producing multiples from zero. What is it and where does it go? Time. It is an art of motherhood to create time when none exists, maximizing every minute as if it contained a supercharged 180 seconds. And we do this, why?

It’s who we are.

Our packed life often leaves only precious moments for our own health and well-being. Ironically it is those moments that can supercharge our day. Running is the easiest, most time-effective form of exercise, and allows the biggest bang for a time-crunched buck. If you are feeling a bit stressed finding the time for yourself, know that any stolen moment of running can add moments to your day. However there are times that running just isn’t possible. As frustrating as that can be, know that moving your body for even 10 minutes a few times a day will benefit not only your body and running shape but can be enough to combat slumps in energy .

Here are three quick energy boosting exercises to power your day:

  • Coffee Break Squats– While you are waiting for the coffee to percolate, try doing 40 squats. Stand with feet hip’s width apart and squat as if you are going to sit in a chair (you can use a chair as a prop) before returning back to standing position. Raise your arms out in front of you as you sit back for balance, and make sure your weight is in your heels, your knees are over your ankles and your back is straight.
  • 100’s- March in place, raising your knees to hip height (parallel to floor), using opposite arms to leg as if you marching. Stay light on your mid-foot and count each leg raise to 100. As you get proficient, try adding a little hop between leg changes. This plyometric move helps your single leg push off as you run.
  • Planking around– Plank in every direction; prone, side-left, side-right and supine. Planking is a great way to strengthen your entire core and can be done while a toddler is playing on the floor beside you. Prone plank- support your body on your forearms and feet, holding your entire midsection tight and straight facing the floor. Side Plank- Support your body on your forearm and side of your foot so that you are looking at the wall in front of you. Keep your body taut and in a straight line. Supine plank- Support yourself on your forearms and your heels, begin by laying on your back on the floor. Hold each plank position for 30 seconds then repeat the series. Build as you get stronger.

These three simple exercises will keep you running strong and boost your energy. Run on now and get it done!