Ah, the weekend has finally arrived. As you get that morning pot of coffee brewing you look outside to realize your outdoor plans with your family have been dashed due to some dreary fall weather. Instead of letting the bad weather get you and your family down, try out some of these fun activities to do with your kids so that you don’t go stir-crazy on a rainy day! You might even find that that they are a great way for you and your family to bond with one another.


1. Play a board or card game Go old school and whip out an old family-favorite like Monopoly or Uno and engage in a little (friendly) family competition. If you don’t have any games, play one that doesn’t require anything such as charades or pictionary.

2. Try a new recipe together Using ingredients you already have in your pantry or fridge, whip up a tasty treat or meal that you can all enjoy together or make up an entirely new recipe. You can up the ante and have a family cook-off to make it even more exciting!

3. Have an indoor picnic Who says picnics are just for grassy fields? Lay out a picnic blanket on your living room, put on some background music, and enjoy a family meal together.

4. Visit your local library Dreary, fall weather is perfect for cozying up with a good book. Find some fall-themed books and a corner where you can all hang out and read together.

5. Raid your recycling bin and make a crazy creation Bring out the glue, scissors, tape, and paint and channel your inner artists. You can use cardboard boxes to make things like cards, book covers, puzzles, houses, cars — your imagination is your limit!

6. Go to a museum Many museums, not even the ones specifically geared towards kids, have family programming on the weekends. Try one you and your family have never been to before, or revisit a family favorite. If it’s one you have visited previously, make it more interesting by going on a scavenger hunt around the museum.

7. Look through family photos Pull out family photo albums — or if you don’t have any printed, look at them on the computer. Share the stories behind the pictures or have your children share what they remember about each day. Look through baby photos and tell your kids about when they were born. If you don’t have any printed photos, you can also use this time as an opportunity to put together a family album together.

8. Watch a movie Pop a bag of popcorn, turn down the lights, pile up some pillows on the floor, and put on a family-friendly classic.

9. Have a pillow fight Embrace your inner child and get silly together. Just make sure to clear out anything that could break!

10. Embrace the weather and go puddle-splashing Layer on those raincoats and rainboots and splash around in some puddles together. If you are feeling really adventurous, go to a local playground and have some outdoor rainy fun there. As a bonus, you’ll probably have the playground all to yourself! After you’re done, change into some dry clothes and warm up with hot apple cider.

What activities do you and your family enjoy doing together when the weather is dreary?