Snacks for kids

Whenever you get a group of kids together (or moms for that matter), snack time is virtually inevitable. After all, getting together with friends is always better with good food to bond over!



Toddlerhood is full of mischief, mayhem, and messes. Being a mom of little ones often feels a bit like chasing mini-tornados, but I’ve learned you can harness that same abundant toddler energy to help out around the house. (more…)

stonyfieldcontainers3.jpgAs a family of four, we go through quite a few Stonyfield yogurt containers each week. My husband and I love using the plain Greek quarts for smoothies, and my girls will happily gobble down any flavor of YoBaby and YoTot. (more…)

Heat Wave Activities

It’s the middle of summer and all parents can relate to two things: it’s HOT, and our kids are getting bored. Don’t spend one more moment cooped up inside; it’s time to make the most of summer! Take a look at these five fantastic activities to help you beat the heat and keep those kids busy!