abarton.jpgSummer has come to an end, which means I have exhausted all efforts to keep my kids entertained. They aren’t quite old enough to use the “I’m bored” line but they do show signs of boredom throughout the day like picking fights, trying to ride our dogs and seeing how much toilet paper a single flush can hold. (more…)


Several years ago I participated in a potluck at work. This wasn’t your average potluck because I was pregnant and, as a result, starving all the time. Many of the sweet women I worked with asked me a few days before what I was craving. The innocent work potluck turned into a pregnant women’s all you can eat buffet. It was glorious, and I teased that it was the best day of my life. Funny how I’m writing about it 6 years later so it must be in my top 10 at least. Don’t judge me.