Trina O'Boyle

Trina O’Boyle, founder of the O’Boy! Organic and Social Media Editor of Happy Family Organics has been passionate about healthy foods and eco – friendly living for over 20 years. Trina strives to be a good role model to her 2 boys by cooking and eating healthy food, while still allowing for the splurges of childhood. It’s important for Trina to teach her children “where food comes from” so she has created a backyard garden that they can work together on as a family. Stonyfield has been a staple in their house for ages, way before children. A favorite flavor of all her boys (including her husband) BaNilla Low-Fat. They say it tastes like ice cream! One of my favorites is the yogurt squeezers, we always have them in our freezer. They are perfect for the beach in the summer and to keep lunches cold during the school year.You can follow Trina at O’Boy! Organic and on Facebook and Twitter .