Toni Snearly

Toni Snearly has been blogging in one capacity or another since 2007 and currently blogs at Food. (Just Sayin'). She is an only child, married to an only child and has an only child. Toni resides in Northwest Indiana where she can be found nose-deep in social media events, running a home bakery and dreaming of culinary school. Other roles include: Smart phone addict, Queen of Sarcasm and lover of all things food.Food is one of the basic needs of life. The rest of life's successes are built on this healthy foundation. Why not make it the strongest it can be? Organic, healthy food for the win! Aside from organic milk, she confides that her favorite Stonyfield product is the Whole Vanilla Yogurt because it's so versatile! Or wait...maybe it's the Caramel Oikos...decisions, decisions...Connect with Toni on Facebook, Twitter and her blog: Food. (Just Sayin')