Lisa Hanneman

Lisa Hanneman is the mom of two boys under the age of three. She’s just your regular overbooked, highly-caffeinated, food-loving, balance-seeking, green-striving, health-focused, often-clueless, working mom. Lisa believes that feeding her kids healthy, clean foods and teaching them about cooking will create a foundation for a happy, healthy, aware eater.Lisa appreciates humor and honesty, and luckily finds it every day as the lone female in the house she shares with her talented husband, adorable sons, and attention-craving rescue dog in the northern suburbs of Chicago. Check in on her life and her writings about her often nutty, always entertaining life at Hannemaniacs. She also confides she loves Blueberry Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt…any time of day.You can follow Lisa at Hannemaniacs and on Facebook and Twitter.