Kari Dahlen

Kari Dahlen is a WAHM with two boys (born 2001 and 2004.) Prior to her suburban existence in California, she was a neuroscientist in NYC. Kari was introduced to the concept of avoiding artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives back in the 70's when lots of people relished their pink sugar and bright red & orange candies. Her mother discovered that avoiding chemical additives lead to dramatic behavioral changes in her hyperactive daughter. Now that Kari is a mother, she found the same dietary modifications work wonders with her boys' behavior. Stonyfield Organic has been a long-time favorite of hers, and with their ever-expanding product line it is easy to find delicious food that is also nutritious.Kari works behind the scenes of Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom Tech, as well as blogging about her own life at The Karianna Spectrum. From yearbook committee to the gymnastics parents' club board, her "free time" is pretty scarce, but you might find her kicking back at the pool from time to time - with a pomegranate berry Oikos smoothie in her hand, of course!Connect with Kari on The Karianna Spectrum, Facebook, and Twitter.