Diane Balch

The Mediterranean diet and lifestyle have greatly shaped Diane Balch’s life. One of her earliest memories is of spending hours at her grandmother's house next door making pasta. When she got older the Italians that lived in the court behind her house taught her how to garden "the old world way".  Yogurt and cheese are a big part of the Mediterranean diet and her family has always enjoyed organic dairy products. Diane currently lives about an hour outside of New York City in a very rural horse town. She and her family have an organic garden and orchard.  They also keep bees, make their own maple syrup, and do cool projects like build canoes.  Her kids love to pour their homemade honey on top of Stonyfield yogurt for breakfast most mornings. They have also started to use more yogurt in their baked goods which is so much healthier than using heavy cream. Diane loves that Stonyfield products really fit with her lifestyle.  You can follow her adventures on her blog Simple Living & Eating.