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Over the years, we've connected with so many amazing bloggers who understand the importance of feeding their families in a healthy way. Realizing that we wanted to get to know them as much as they wanted to get to know and promote Stonyfield, the Yo-Getters ambassador group was born! If you're interested in joining us, click here to apply.
Abbie Troyanek's photo

Abbie Troyanek

Just a mom living intentionally in the city of Milwaukee, raising kids in a eco-friendly environment.
Alex Iwashyna's photo

Alex Iwashyna

Late Enough is a humor blog, except when it's serious, about life and parenting with the usual ramblings...
Alison Abbott's photo

Alison Abbott

Eco friendly designer, lover of handmade
Amanda Fiveash's photo

Amanda Fiveash

Frugal mom of 2 trying to live a greener way
Amanda Jones 's photo

Amanda Jones

Mama of two, adventuring with the family whenever possible, travel addict and coffee snob.
Amee Livingston's photo

Amee Livingston

Owner, writer, photographer and recipe developer for Amee's Savory Dish
Amelia Winslow's photo

Amelia Winslow

Nutritionist, food expert, new-ish mom, blogger, avid recycler
Amy Bizzarri 's photo

Amy Bizzarri

Teacher, Traveler… Mom – Join me as I navigate the bumpy road that is modern-day parenting.
Anastasia Borisyuk's photo

Anastasia Borisyuk

Mom, Healthy Living Blogger, Small Business Owner
Angela Paris's photo

Angela Paris

Writer, recipe developer, photographer, brand ambassador at Juggling Act Mama
Angela Bekkala's photo

Angela Bekkala

Health and fitness professional, runner, yogi, Mama living the fit happy life
Anjali Shah's photo

Anjali Shah

Healthy recipe creator and food writer
Anne Brock's photo

Anne Brock

Simple living enthusiast carrying on Grandma's traditions
Annie Stow's photo

Annie Stow

Fun-loving mother of four who loves to travel
April Gatewood's photo

April Gatewood

Busy mom/wife, passion for going green
Ashleigh Evans's photo

Ashleigh Evans

Blogger at Dash of Evans, lives in Grand Rapids, MI.  She loves to cook and share budget tips for families.
Ashley Covelli's photo

Ashley Covelli

Food writer, recipe developer, photographer and mommy. Always ready for another cup of coffee!
Ashley Sager's photo

Ashley Sager

Ashley is a new mom, wife, full-time media professional, fashion addict, dog lover, and a bit of a hot mess.
Ashley Saunders's photo

Ashley Saunders

Teacher turned mom, lover of green living
Ashley B. and Ashley W's photo

Ashley B. and Ashley W

Sister in laws that have grown closer thanks to this crazy thing we call motherhood.
Bev Feldman's photo

Bev Feldman

Musings on the Creative Side of Life is a blog about life as a creative entrepreneur
Bonnie Gowen's photo

Bonnie Gowen

Wife and Momma to 5 living greener
Brandi Jeter Riley's photo

Brandi Jeter Riley

Ayva's Mom, Terrence's Wife, Encourager, Pushy Friend, Biggest Cheerleader, Community Builder, Content Creator, Courageous Earner
Calley Pate's photo

Calley Pate

Mom, wife, eco-junkie and cloth diaper advocate
Cat's photo


Wife, mom, crafter and owner of AmLo Farms promoting family, nature, harmony and a greener, healthier lifestyle.
Courtney Fisk's photo

Courtney Fisk

Simple City Life is green living family friendly blog. Come join the conversation, grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile.
Christina Brown's photo

Christina Brown

Style blogger and digital media maven.
Christine Yu's photo

Christine Yu

Freelance writer, yoga teacher, runner, mom to two boys and wannabe surfer.
Diane Thies's photo

Diane Thies

A fun loving Mamma obsessed with social media, having fun, and trying to stay in shape.
Elaine Maag's photo

Elaine Maag

Mom of 2 - parenting in the moment
Elizabeth Anderson's photo

Elizabeth Anderson

Semi-crunchy living, cloth diapers, health and everything Mom related!
Emi Stapler's photo

Emi Stapler

Overbooked mom, cooking & baking adventurer
Erin Huiatt's photo

Erin Huiatt

I am a natural-living wife & mother from the Midwest.

Harriet Shugarman's photo

Harriet Shugarman

Mom activist, sustainability expert and eternal optimist
Hillary Chybinski's photo

Hillary Chybinski

Crafty mom, blogger and social media consultant
Holly Marie's photo

Holly Marie

An Honest Look at Our Adventures in Parenting
Jeanine Ludwikowski's photo

Jeanine Ludwikowski

One mom finding fun in the kitchen and beyond
Jennie Lyon's photo

Jennie Lyon

Green parenting and children's lifestyle blogger
Jessica Grimes's photo

Jessica Grimes

Juggling motherhood and career with a love of all things running and fitness.
Jessica Morrison's photo

Jessica Morrison

One liner— Runner, healthy parenting advocate, and mother of three active boys!
Jessica Cohen's photo

Jessica Cohen

Social good advocate, Healthy living blogger, Motivator, Carpooler
Joanna Murnan's photo

Joanna Murnan

Blogger, mama, runner, and habitual night owl. Always striving for a greener, healthier, more well-rounded life!
Jodi Grundig's photo

Jodi Grundig

Mom of 2 and passionate traveler who’s always seeking healthier options for her family.
Julia Magnusson's photo

Julia Magnusson

It’s Not Like a Cat is a sometimes-funny blog about running, cooking, family, and life
Julie Clark's photo

Julie Clark

Mother, blogger, cloth diaper advocate, loving life
Kari Dahlen's photo

Kari Dahlen

Turning her nose up at Red #40 for 40 years
Katrina Villegas's photo

Katrina Villegas

Engineer/teacher turned SAHM blogger- organizing her chaos one baby step at a time.
Kelly Nolasco's photo

Kelly Nolasco

US Navy wife and mom, slightly obsessed with anything organic
Kimberly Kauer's photo

Kimberly Kauer

Mom of 2 sharing her family's adventures
Kimberly Lowrance's photo

Kimberly Lowrance

Mom of two, nonprofit professional, and blogger looking for work-life balance, more hours in the day, and someone to clean the kitchen
Kristina Grum's photo

Kristina Grum

Kristina Grum is a mother to 3 girls. She is a Certified Parent Educator who is passionate about her family and living in the moment.
Krystyn Hall's photo

Krystyn Hall

Mom of 4 girls. Semi-crunchy. Passionate about family and adventure.

Laura Peifer's photo

Laura Peifer

Certified Holistic Health Coach, mom of two girls, fitness enthusiast, and running coach
Leila Kennedy's photo

Leila Kennedy

Experiencing Parenthood, where she shares tips, tricks, and stories from pregnancy to parenthood.
Lindsey Galvez's photo

Lindsey Galvez

Mommy of 2 sharing easy tips for going green
Lisa Pisano's photo

Lisa Pisano

Storyteller. Networker. Marketer. Writer. Wife. Mom.
Lori Alper's photo

Lori Alper

Groovy green guru, organic believer, mom of 3
Marissa Zitka Abruzzo's photo

Marissa Zitka Abruzzo

Certified Holistic Health Counselor. President of Hip & Healthy Kids
Marla Zickefoose's photo

Marla Zickefoose

Foodie, fitness fanatic, living all natural on a budget
Mary's photo


A throwback to parenting with boredom busting tips, home cooked eats and fun craft
Meghan Cooper's photo

Meghan Cooper

Mom of 2 girls, fan of cooking & crafting
Melanie Myatt's photo

Melanie Myatt

Fan of my 4 kids, new recipes and sleep (when I can get it!)
Melissa Northway's photo

Melissa Northway

SoCal mom to an awesome redhead, children's author, health advocate, and founder of dandelion moms
Micaela Preston's photo

Micaela Preston

Blogger, green lifestyle writer, sustainable brand champion
Michelle Eastridge's photo

Michelle Eastridge

Eco-mom of 4 with a passion for food
Mikki's photo


Somewhat empty nester, healthy lifestyle, organic foodie blogger, living a blessed life under the FL sun.

Nicki Bradley's photo

Nicki Bradley

Recipe creating, playroom designing, yoga mom
Nicky's photo


Content creator. Real food lover. Momma of 3 seeking our next Little Family Adventure in the kitchen, on the road, and exploring the great outdoors.

Nicole Swannack's photo

Nicole Swannack

Mother of four who loves to explore New Hampshire and blog about it.
NJ Rongner's photo

NJ Rongner

Modern mom, vintage values. Lover of local food, blogging, coffee, and chasing a sweet life well lived
Paige Wolf's photo

Paige Wolf

Making green living practical, manageable, & affordable
Phyllis Myung's photo

Phyllis Myung

Writer and mom living the American dream one napkin at a time.
Pollyanna Valenzuela's photo

Pollyanna Valenzuela

Crafty Mother of three, wife to a US Navy sailor, love all things bento
Priscilla Hedlin's photo

Priscilla Hedlin

Paraplegic mommy to 3 boys
Rachel Steffen's photo

Rachel Steffen

Runner and mom to three active growing boys: running through life one day at a time.
Rachel Anderson's photo

Rachel Anderson

I’m a 30-something former financial services professional turned full-time mom and a part-time newspaper columnist and blogger.
Samantha Schultz's photo

Samantha Schultz

Sandra Laflamme's photo

Sandra Laflamme

Marathon running mom and lover of all things organic
Sarah Canney's photo

Sarah Canney

Running mama of two, fueling her family with whole food
Sarah White's photo

Sarah White

Whole food mom on a budget
Sheila Hill's photo

Sheila Hill

Mom, food writer, blogger, "green" foodie
Sommer Poquette's photo

Sommer Poquette

Sommer Poquette is a professional blogger, social media consultant, children’s book author and teacher.
Sonali Ruder's photo

Sonali Ruder

ER doctor, mom, chef, cookbook author and “board certified” foodie
Suzanne Michele's photo

Suzanne Michele

Mama to one amazing boy, wife to an adoring husband, trying to balance work and motherhood while going green and trying to be crafty.
Traci McDonald's photo

Traci McDonald

Mom to 4 little boys, staying sane one cup of coffee at a time.
Traci Shannon's photo

Traci Shannon

Slightly weird, sentimental unemployed actress finding herself in the life that happened while she was busy making plans.
Trina O'Boyle's photo

Trina O'Boyle

Mother, wife, organic-crazed & lover of wine
Yana Wieckowski's photo

Yana Wieckowski

New mom, maker, small business owner and aspiring food photographe

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